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Aquarea - Inspira

An ordinary teenager.
An underwater warrior.
A magical bond they don't want to allow…or resist.

On the day of her grandfather's funeral, Arabela Rosialt drowns and, when she wakes up,
finds him again. His life takes an overwhelming turn when he discovers that
is in Aquorea: an exotic, millennial community that has prospered thousands
meters below sea level.
Kai, a boy with inscrutable blue eyes, with an
maddening; sometimes cold and serious, other times ravishing, he attracts her and
repel it at the same time. Driving her mad with rage…and with desire.
Despite her endless longing for her family, Ara feels irresistibly
attracted by the new friendships, the hectic life and the existence of that
eccentric but extremely warm community.
Everything seems perfect, until some inhabitants of Aquorea begin to
die. When she realizes that her dive was no coincidence after all and
that the salvation or damnation of that world depends on it, will have to face
the most difficult decision of your life.
Putting their differences aside, both will try to figure out who is
behind the murders and that long-running criminal conspiracy

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